Kiscan is now FREE

Unreal Engine 4 is here for some time and I moved too. I suggest all UDK developers to do same thing because UE4 is big step forward but if you still love and work in UDK I have amazing news for you!


Everybody can now create AAA HUD using just UDK editor without coding. You can download it in “Download” section. I was not able to finish documentation because almost everybody moved to UE4 but if you will have some problem you can ask in forum. There is also huge amount of code comments in .uc files, so check them too. After trying UE4 I must say that Kiscan workflow is very similiar to UE4 Blueprints + UMG.

You can use Kiscan GUI Framework for free even in your commercial projects but you have to include Kiscan GUI Framework in your credits. Also, It will be nice to see your project and what you have done with framework, so please post your work in forum too. Thank you!

I also must say huge Thank you to all previous supporters.

If you love something, set it free : )

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