What Is Kiscan

Kiscan GUI is framework for Unreal Develoment Kit. It is tool which allows developers to create fully interactive and dynamic user interface. It offers more than 80 custom UnrealScript classes. It primary focuses on designers, so It requires no programming knowledge. All features are accessible in Unreal Editor and Unreal Kismet.

Why Kiscan

GUI is important part of game. UDK supported only two solutions since now. First is Scaleform which connects UDK and Flash Professional (costs hundreds of dollars). Second solution is Canvas which is pretty old UnrealScript class usable only for programmers. We made our massive framework on top of Canvas and added many custom algorithmes to expose its power to Unreal Editor. Working with Kiscan is fast and reliable because everything is visual and easy for debugging. You can create menus, inventories, overlays, cursors or even 2D Games in a few minutes! Making GUI was never so easy!


I have four years experience with development in UDK and worked on many projects. If you have any questions feel free to ask in forum or via mail: ondrej.hrus@gmail.com